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Head Protection
Personal Protective Equipment Staying true to our mission of protecting people, Spero distributes a variety unique and innovative head protection solutions including helmets, ear defenders, glasses, from several market leaders for environments where injuries frequently occur.

These include helmets specially for electricians, helmets for working at height and helmets with integrated visors.

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Eye Protection
Personal Protective Equipment The rapid rate of progress in trade and industry presents us with the ongoing challenge of finding new solutions that successfully combine safety, functionality, quality and design. Our aim at Spero is to distribute safety eyewear / safety glasses which protect perfectly and allows perfect vision at the same time.

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Ear Protection
Personal Protective Equipment Loss of hearing is a gradual process yet we seldom if ever are conscious of deterioration until it’s too late. Workplace noise can easily be compounded by factors within our everyday environment such as traffic, domestic machinery, gadgets and loud music, all of which contribute to the invisible problem of impaired and irreversible loss of hearing.

View our selection of ear defenders, ear muffs, ear plugs and do get in touch regarding any additional information you may need.

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Eye Protection
Personal Protective Equipment We're redefining welder protection with products that provide optimal fit, comfort, performance and style, resulting in safer, more productive work environments.

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Spero Launches it's sports division with flagship european brands such as La Sportiva, C.a.m.p, Sealskinz.


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